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Find the best talent to drive your business. 

TopReps™ Academy

Make your best reps event better via professional sales training.

Sales personnel evaluation

Know if your sales personnel have the right stuff. 


Have one of our top notched sales pros bring your team to the next level.

The best partnerships start here

At TopRep™ we not only create great matches between employees and employers, but also use our propretary search methodology to help companies find other collaborators. Be it sales agents, resellers, wholsellers, retail outlets or suppliers, we do it all. Futhermore, our coaching and sales training services will help you learn our trade secrets, so your are able to get it done by yourself next time around.

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The TopReps™ difference


Our wealth of sales knowledge

At TopReps™ we have a solid grasp of all the job profils related to sales and marketing. The reason why that you staff have at one time or another already occupied these positions. We specialize in sales and marketing.  This is the only thing we do, day in and day out.

Our proprietary tools

Over the years, we have built a complete toolchest of sales and marketing solutions to help automate any commercial team. We also have in-depth knowlege of most popular off-the-shelf commercial support applications (i.e. CRM, emailing, SEO/SEM, etc.) and are able to help you choose the right application for your team.

Tailored to your needs

TopReps™ knows that all industries and companies are unique. Before getting to know your business we do our homework and all our services are specifically adapted to your profile and needs.  Our moto is simple: listen – learn – propose – act.

One stop shop

We know that businesses don’t want to wast time dealing with several suppliers for employee evaluation, search and training services. In this respect,TopReps™ is unique. Furthermore, our approach to creating lasting partnerships is resolutely moderne and the tools we use are nothing short of world-class. 


More than ever, companies are looking for sales talent that are challengers

Richard Cormier, Président TopReps™ 

Today's customer knows more about your product than you do

Richard Cormier, Président TopReps™ 

The sale only begins when the customer says no

Richard Cormier, Président TopReps™ 

Sales training is an investment, not an expense

Richard Cormier, Président TopReps™ 

Sales is a contact sport

Richard Cormier, Président TopReps™ 


Recruitment services

Much more than a B to B sales recruitment firm,  Top Reps offer cutting-edge employee profiling, screening and short-listing services. We will make sure to find the “neddle in the haystack” the first time around.  Other search related services:


  • Detailed job descriptions or partnership profiles
  • Hiring of high performing sales and marketing personnel
  • Payscale studies, remuneration programs, employee loyalty programs and performance evaluation analyses.
  • Building of sales networks
    (i.e. agents, distributors, online and offline retailers)
  • Supplier searches
  • Customers identification, qualification and recruitment services

    TopReps™ Academy


    Sales training is a natural complement to other Topreps services. Even if your current sales staff don’t all have the right stuff, we will bring them up to par. Investing in sales training has a high ROI and far outweighs the cost of a rehire.Topreps Academy offers the following services:

    • Online or in-class training

    • Groups or individual coaching

    • Train the trainer

    • Role playing, sales simulations and quizzes

    • Standardized or personalized training themes

    • In-house production of training material (ex. sales manuals, policy books, sales practices and procedures)


    Employee evaluation

    We offer complete sales and marketing employee performance evaluations based on observed benchmarking of high performance individuals. Our end results is to assure you that all your team members are contributing at optimal levels and that the team as a whole is functioning as well oiled machine.  Are services include:

    • Job description vs task performance
    • KPI analysis
    • Strengths and weakness evaluation
    • Psychometrics and sales ability testing
    • Employee performance benchmarking interviews


      Hiring the services of one of our “part-time” senior sales and marketing coaches to shadow your team or to mentor your sales manager is a garanteed investment in sales sales return.

      They all possess advanced sales management skills and tools and will transfer their “best practice solutions” to your team members. Our services can be deployed on a short, mid or long term basis. They include:

      • A kick-off meeting with company management in order to pinpoint priority projects and pain points
      • An 360 degree sales and marketing analysis
      • Individual interviews with each team member
      • Presentation of the coaching plan (including targets and measuring tools)
      • An agreed upon in-house and online coaching schedule (min./max. hours per week)
      • Detailed billing and monthly progress report

      TopReps Tools

        Stay on top of the most recent developments and techniques in the science of marketing.
        Over the years, we have developed many sales and marketing tools that are made available exclusively to our customers.
        Many tools are offered gratuitously while others are offered as a service, free from copyright restrictions.
        – CRM selection tool
        – Sales contracts and agreements
        – Distribution analysis grid
        – Presentation templates
        – Best practice white-papers
        – Sales analysis tools
        – Budgets and selection tools
        – Many others

      Transparancy is one of our most precious core values

      Itemized quotes

      As no two projects are alike, we evaluate all mandates individually and provide you with a detailed proposal based on your specific needs. Bulk pricing is also available for repeat customers.

      Flexible payment terms

      We are used to working with 3rd party financial partners and will adapt to their payment terms. We also offer split-payment terms on lengthy mandates.

      No hidden costs

      As long as the customer respect’s the terms of our proposals, there will be not extra charges in our mandate. We work in a pay-per-hour environment and will provide you with detailed invoices. The use of 3rd party suppliers (ex. use of job posting sites, psychometric testing, job postings, etc.) will be billed as a seperate line item. Any unforeseen costs will be pre-approved by the customer prior to engagement.

      The  TopReps™  promise

      We won’t stop until we get the job done and that our customer is totally satisfied with our results.

      About us

      TopReps is a division of Sermacom Inc., a leading communications and sales/marketing consulting firm located in Quebec, Canada and founded in 1994.

      We are sales and marketing “scientists” routed in the real-world. We have evolved from our traditional commercial techniques to the digital age and have mastered a new set of tools and approaches to help our customer be the best salespeople and marketers in their respective fields.

      TopReps is a sister company to Stratcor, one of the most important industrial sales consultancy companies in Eastern Canada. Over the years, both these companies have built a talent pool of highly competent and results-driven individuals who all have proven track records in various fields. We bring this team of industry experts into various mandates for both recurring and new industrial , distribution and institutional customers.

      Our founder

      Richard Cormier (M.Sc., B.S.A.)

      Richard Cormier (M.Sc., B.S.A.)

      President and Owner

      Over and above the hiring of the best B to B sales and marketing personnel available, our core competency lies in the fact that we know sales and marketing inside and out. This leads us to widen our company mission and to offer our customers a wide range of consulting services aimes at growing their business.

      If “doing what you do best” is one of the keys of business success, then we have done a lot by helping hundreds of  companies succeed over the years.

      We have been creating strategic business partnerships for 25 years.


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